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We’re starting a weekly feature called Under the Radar on Portland Wedding Coordinator, showcasing a great new Portland wedding venue. Each week I’ll be sharing a site with you that I’ve stumbled across recently. Many of our Under the Radar wedding ceremony and reception venues are ones you might not find in the wedding guides. If you use one of these sites, please let them know you heard it here first!
{List of sites to be featured each week – 1 of 2 per week depending on post length – should be short and sweet, with 3 gorgeous pictures and teaser text}
SE Wine Collective
sandbox Studios
Reber’s Riverside
Pacific crest
Clackamas river farm
Tina enomoto barn
Sites in Gresham I looked at – sam cox, troutdale, cedarwood park
The Colony at St. Johns
Disjecta http://disjecta.org/about/space-rental
(Probably need to break this into a series: Under the Radar with Portland Wedding Coordinator)

Putting the local spirit in your wedding

Portland Oregon local liquor and spirits for weddings
The Portland Wedding Coordinator blog contains party and event planning content that discusses the legal and responsible use of alcoholic beverages for events. This blog is not intended for a minor audience. If you are under 21, please click away. Read our full policies here.

I had the opportunity to visit with a
catering company owner and we started chatting about the popular requests for locally sourced
food items on wedding menus.

So why not booze?  I've noticed many
wedding bars stocked with Grey Goose, Absolut, Maker's Mark, and the
like… all very well and good, but with all the amazing distilleries we
have right here in the Portland area, why miss this opportunity?

a list of local distilleries just to get you started, I'm sure there
are more.  If you think of one that I haven't mentioned, please add it
to the comments!

Eastside Distilling (co-owned by our friend Lenny Gotter at Studio 98, who has contributed many a photo to The Portland Wedding Coordinator)

Clear Creek Distillery

New Deal Vodka

House Spirits, makers of Aviator Gin and Medoyeff Vodka


Rogue House of Spirits

Integrity Spirits

Indio Spirits

Subrosa Spirits

McMenamins Edgefield (and other McMenamins locations)

Updated for 2013. Incorrect info? Please email emee@ejpevents.co with any corrections. A version of this blog post appeared on The Portland Wedding Coordinator in November 2008.

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Avoid having invitations, save-the-dates, or RSVPs returned to you – Postal Rates Increase Jan 27th


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This just in from our good friend Alesia at Alesia Zorn CalligraphyUS postal rates go up January 27th. Many of you are about to get to mailing your save-the-dates or wedding invitations, so head on over to Alesia's blog and read all the details.

My takeaway from all this: Always use the Forever stamps, so no matter when your guests mail back their RSVPs, the postage will be valid and the responses won't be returned to sender.

Whew – as if engaged couples didn't have enough to worry about already!

Trying out Postable – online mailing list organizer

Social media is so great. If you follow me on any of the services I use, you know that I’m a lover. I also love the ease of use that goes with connecting over email, FaceTime, and texting…all the wonderful technologies we have.

However. HOWEVER. I miss the fun of getting letters, of finding a gorgeous envelope peeking out from amid the magazines and business mail. I know – we have to conserve resources. And postal mail should be saved for special occasions. Still, I’ve resolved in 2013 to be more personal in my communications, because I realize that is what speaks to me as a user of social media, as a consumer, and as a person. Part of that will be to send more letters.

Strangely enough, it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s address. I remember having a black leather address book, with tiny alphabet tabs down the side, edged in gold. Those days are gone. Excel isn’t really cutting it for me, not with the multiple groups and interests I have as an event planner. So I’m trying out Postable, and I would love for you to connect with me there. Who knows – perhaps you’ll get something fun in the mail from me soon.

Oh, a bonus – Postable is also great for your bride and groom clients to collect addresses in order to send wedding invitations. I imagine it could also be opened on a tablet like iPad and used at an event to facilitate signups or registrations. Enjoy!

The hottest day of the year…

I know, you probably think I'm crazy for talking about summer weddings. I can't help it! This time of year when our fingers and toes are freezing just from walking to the mailbox and back, it's almost impossible to remember what the kiss of the sun is like. Thank goodness for photographs. This beauty sent to me by Evrim Icoz shows a wedding we coordinated last year for Heather and Joe.

And what a day it was! Evrim goes in to more detail on his blog (and you can see all the great pictures there), but in a nutshell:

11:am Wedding ceremony in the urban forest

12:00 Brunch in the park

1:00 Pedicab and trolley rides around Portland

2:45 Jet boat rides on the river

4:00 Change clothes for the reception

6:00 Super glam/boho reception at Castaway with Simpatica Catering; and dancing 'til socks were worn through.

Hoyt Arboretum summer wedding in Portland, Oregon

A few tips for your own summer outdoor wedding in Portland and how you can be ready:

– Make sure cold beverages are plentiful upon arrival. For an informal wedding, tubs or deep trays filled with ice can surround bottled drinks or heavy glasses.

– Have a plan for shade. Too often, brides and grooms only plan for a rain back up. But a sun plan should also be in effect. Parasols, extra tents, mist fans, and table umbrellas can all help.

– If you have an indoor venue, check out the A/C options and rent fans or swamp coolers if the venue doesn't have any.

Thank you again, Heather and Joe, for sharing the sun with me!

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A little sunshine on a cloudy day {Portland Indian Wedding by JOS Photographers}

Going through our photo files from last fall, found this very lovely and sunny photo taken by JOS Studios at a wedding we did at The Foundry at Oswego Lake. I am looking very longingly at this sunshine!

Click on the link above to go to JOS Photographers blog and see all the gorgeousness. Thank you so much!

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