Putting the local spirit in your wedding

Portland Oregon local liquor and spirits for weddings
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I had the opportunity to visit with a catering company owner, and we started chatting about the popular requests for locally-sourced food items on wedding menus.

So why not booze?  I’ve noticed many wedding bars stocked with Grey Goose, Absolut, Maker’s Mark, and the like… all very well and good, but with all the amazing distilleries we have right here in the Portland area, why miss this opportunity?

Here’s a list of local distilleries just to get you started, I’m sure there are more.  If you think of one that I haven’t mentioned, please add it to the comments! We urge you to drink responsibly and observe all alcohol safety laws at your event.

Eastside Distilling (co-owned by our friend Lenny Gotter at Studio 98, who has contributed many a photo to The Portland Wedding Coordinator)

Clear Creek Distillery

New Deal Vodka

House Spirits, makers of Aviator Gin and Medoyeff Vodka


Rogue House of Spirits

Integrity Spirits

Indio Spirits

Subrosa Spirits

McMenamins Edgefield (and other McMenamins locations)

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