Color Scope: Electric Plum

Spring is here, and I am in love with the spring plums. I like to call it "electric plum" because it seems to have more energy than plain old purple.  It's not exactly purple, there's a little warmth, a bit of pink and raspberry in there.  This would be a great main color with ivory, gold, silver, or graphite as the neutrals.  You could even throw in some chartreuse or a bit of spring green. Darling!

Spring Plums

Purple n Lime
Purple n Lime

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Love, June boutique line, now on Etsy

Did you know that about 8 million pounds of fabric waste is not recycled and is landfilled every year? (Source, ALA Waste Recycling) “But what if you didn’t cut the fabric?” Love, June Bridal asked this question, and has now launched an innovative wedding gown line that is eco-friendly and reduces waste.  How so?  By using natural fibers such as silk and cotton and by creating designs that don’t requireLove-june-helen-charmeuse-wedding-gowncutting the fabric, virtually eliminating fabric waste. This boutique line, as described on their Etsy profile page, “is created from only squares and rectangles”!

Sounds crazy, no? But the gowns are ethereal, feminine, sexy, and a serious departure from the typical, A-line strapless wedding gown. If you have been agonizing over stiff, shiny, scratchy, heavily beaded gowns, and saying to yourself, “this just isn’t me!” I implore you to take a look at these exotic and different designs.


Do you need wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance–nobody seems really excited to talk about it, since it means bringing up the possibility of less-than-happy events occurring around what's supposed to be a totally blissful day.  However, I recently had an event that reminded me that it is something we should all be talking about. A client called to tell me that a completely freak accident had landed her father-in-law to be in the hospital, the day before the wedding. There was no way the wedding could proceed as planned.

Aside from something happening in your family that might cause your wedding to be postponed, many wedding and event cancellation insurers also provide protection in case a wedding vendor goes out of business, or if weather prevents the day from going as planned.  Bottom line is – take a look at your total investment in the wedding day.  You insure your car and your house, right? If your wedding day is anywhere near as important or as much of an investment as those items, then consider insurance.

Wedding insurance is just like reserving a tent for backup when you have an outdoor wedding, or carrying an umbrella in case of rain.  A couple of sites offering this service are and protectmywedding.comGales Creek, a local Portland company, provides wedding liability insurance, and may also provide cancellation insurance.  You should also check with your own insurance broker to figure out which product is right for you. Understand the difference between liability insurance and cancellation insurance.

I hope you'll consider getting wedding insurance; at the same time I also hope you'll never have to use it!  

When can we meet?

time management wedding planningAfter creating this list of interactive wedding planning tools, I recently found one more that really is so useful, it merits its own blog post: .  While not strictly for wedding planning, is wonderful, simply because it does one thing well: allows you to specify “when is good” for everyone involved in a meeting.  Simply click and highlight several dates and times that work for you, create an email to send to everyone you would like to invite to the meeting, and send. Your invitees also click their available times, and eventually a good date for everyone emerges.

For busy wedding planners and brides trying to coordinate the multitude of vendor interviews, looking for a free, easy to use online tool, is super helpful!