Elegant Bride, Spring 2009 issue is out! (And we’re in it!)

Elegant Bride Spring 2009
I love getting the mail. Especially when there is a new bridal magazine to read.  All the pretty pictures!  So when I opened up the cover of the Spring 2009 Elegant Bride magazine, it was a treat to see one of our clients' weddings featured in their "New Ideas" section. ("Buttoned Up", page 66.)

It brought back great memories of connecting with a really fun client (Amber of The Ribbon Jar), and bringing all of her and her fiance's ideas to life.

I also loved the cover color scheme of tangerine and green — reminded me of our EJP table setup for Art of Weddings in January. This is sure to be a hot color choice in 2009.

Thanks to Elegant Bride for the shout-out!


Color Scope: Electric Plum

Spring is here, and I am in love with the spring plums. I like to call it "electric plum" because it seems to have more energy than plain old purple.  It's not exactly purple, there's a little warmth, a bit of pink and raspberry in there.  This would be a great main color with ivory, gold, silver, or graphite as the neutrals.  You could even throw in some chartreuse or a bit of spring green. Darling!

Spring Plums

Purple n Lime
Purple n Lime

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