Do you need wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance–nobody seems really excited to talk about it, since it means bringing up the possibility of less-than-happy events occurring around what's supposed to be a totally blissful day.  However, I recently had an event that reminded me that it is something we should all be talking about. A client called to tell me that a completely freak accident had landed her father-in-law to be in the hospital, the day before the wedding. There was no way the wedding could proceed as planned.

Aside from something happening in your family that might cause your wedding to be postponed, many wedding and event cancellation insurers also provide protection in case a wedding vendor goes out of business, or if weather prevents the day from going as planned.  Bottom line is – take a look at your total investment in the wedding day.  You insure your car and your house, right? If your wedding day is anywhere near as important or as much of an investment as those items, then consider insurance.

Wedding insurance is just like reserving a tent for backup when you have an outdoor wedding, or carrying an umbrella in case of rain.  A couple of sites offering this service are and protectmywedding.comGales Creek, a local Portland company, provides wedding liability insurance, and may also provide cancellation insurance.  You should also check with your own insurance broker to figure out which product is right for you. Understand the difference between liability insurance and cancellation insurance.

I hope you'll consider getting wedding insurance; at the same time I also hope you'll never have to use it!  

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