Love, June boutique line, now on Etsy

Did you know that about 8 million pounds of fabric waste is not recycled and is landfilled every year? (Source, ALA Waste Recycling) “But what if you didn’t cut the fabric?” Love, June Bridal asked this question, and has now launched an ingenious wedding gown line that is eco-friendly and reduces waste.  How so?  By using natural fibers such as silk and cotton and by creating designs that don’t requireLove-june-helen-charmeuse-wedding-gown cutting the fabric, virtually eliminating fabric waste. This boutique line, as described on their Etsy profile page, “is created from only squares and rectangles”!

Sounds crazy, no? But the gowns are ethereal, feminine, sexy, and a serious departure from the typical, A-line strapless wedding gown. If you have been agonizing over stiff, shiny, scratchy, heavily beaded gowns, and saying to yourself, “this just isn’t me!” I implore you to take a look at these exotic and different designs.


Haute looks from Emilia Kaye

Our friends over at Event Cosmetics recently did a high-fashion runway show with Emily Sunnell, the designer of the Emilia Kaye clothing line.  The looks are startling, very Marie Antoinette!  Not necessarily what you'd think of for a wedding, but I love the mood that this look inspires.  Great job EC team! Photos by Brett Marjanen.


Prepping models for the show

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we are so bummed…

…to hear that the darling Villa Roma gown store in Oahu, Hawaii is closing down, after having been in business for 41 years.  Just today we had a bride come in sporting a gorgeous, non-traditional wedding gown from Villa Roma.  Apparently the store is yet another victim of the changing economy.

But, we do know that you, the bridal public, love to go to Hawaii, and we want you to know that Villa Roma will be open until July 31 at the Ward Warehouse, Oahu location.  So if you're vacationing there, or will land in Oahu for your honeymoon in the next month, please go see Audrey and her cute little boutique before it closes!