“tatooed” favors…with laser!

We just came across the coolest favor/wedding gift idea and had to share it with you.  Best part is, the company that came up with this idea is local, right here in Portland on NW Thurman!

It’s called Tatuit, and they use laser technology to etch any design you want, from a monogram to even a digital photograph, onto just about any surface you like.

Bottles of wine, iPods, cheese boards, you name it.  We spent quite a while scrolling through the site checking out all the different offerings.  You can even bring in your own items to have them etched.

These would be great gifts for the wedding party.  It sounds like you could also bring in mass quantities of things like wineglasses, to create favors for the entire wedding!

Take a look, here:  tatuit.com .

One thought on ““tatooed” favors…with laser!

  1. Thanks for your kind words Emee.We are currently in the process of introducing a new green product line.I would love to give you a preview when we have it all set up.

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