Three Questions to ask when booking Event Transportation

Updated June 15, 2024 by Emee Pumarega: Questions to ask when booking Event Transportation: While we love a good party bus, many party buses do not offer wheelchair-accessible transportation. At EJP Events we recognize the need to keep events inclusive and welcoming. Offering accessible transportation is a key part of the event and wedding planning process. Check out our article here on accessible event transportation for the Portland metro area.

The guest post below was provided in 2018 by Party Bus Portland. For more information on party bus transportation, head over and visit our friends at Party Bus Portland.

portland bike friendly wedding planner
Why not consider a bike friendly wedding? Photo by Taran Nadler

There are so many choices for you to consider when booking transportation for an event. If it’s an event such as a wedding in Portland, making the right decision is all the more important. Here are three questions (plus a bonus one!) you can ask potential transportation companies before you make a commitment to booking with them. Following up with these questions will ensure that you’re getting the best transportation possible for your specific needs.

1. Have you been to my chosen destinations?

It is quite important to choose a transportation company who has been to the destination or destinations you’re trying to reach for your event in Portland. We say this because if they have never been to these places before, they could have to take extra time trying to figure out where to park or drop you off. After all, you are paying for a time slot when it comes to limousine and party bus rentals, so every minute counts! Not to mention, if you’re planning an event such as a wedding, this could easily have a negative effect on the efficiency and timeliness of your wedding where you’re paying multiple vendors per hour.

2. Can I come view the vehicle in person?

Don’t get fooled by shady companies! Your best bet is to view the vehicle you’re interested in at the garage it’s being stored at. If you don’t you’ll never know what is going to show up to your pick up location. The pictures on their website could differ a lot from the reality of their selection. When you view a vehicle in person, you get a better idea of how the company provides customer service and the cleanliness of their vehicles, which is extremely important.

3. Is your advertised price all inclusive?

The last thing you want to deal with is extra costs that you weren’t expecting. So, be as clear as possible in the booking process, and ask about the all inclusive price. If you aren’t getting a clear answer, request to see a copy of their contract. That should provide all of the details of potential charges as it relates to your transportation. There you have three questions that are sure to be helpful as you try to navigate booking the best mode of transportation for your event in Portland!

#4 item added by EJP Events!

4. Do you offer accessible transportation? 

When booking transportation for your wedding or event, it’s always a good idea to have options should any of your guests need mobility assistance. Many planners might say “Oh, we know everyone who’s coming and no one needs accessible transportation.” Even if you think you know your whole guest list and their accessibility needs, these could change in the time leading up to your event. For example, we had a CEO for a corporate event get in a skiing accident a few weeks before their company anniversary party we were planning. Accessible transportation options are so important!

This post was originally published in 2018 by Shawn Granton and edited June 2024 by Emee Pumarega.

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