Cool Photobooth Additions and Alternatives {What can I have instead of a photobooth?}

Photo-booth-for-weddings(Yes, this is what your coordinators look like after about 12 hours on site :-)! Image courtesy Evrim Icoz Photography)

The wedding photobooth used to be a fun novelty; now it seems like a wedding must-have, along with regular photography and mini-desserts. So common now, that we're often asked,

"What can I add to my wedding to entertain guests along with, or instead of, a photobooth?"

We are definitely still big fans of the photobooth because not only is it amusing, it serves as a different kind of wedding documentation and also as a party favor. But here are a few ideas if you want to supplement the wedding day with entertainment or amusements that are a little different and sure to be remembered:

GIFbooth: Do you love GIFs on tumblr? Or the fancy cinemagraphs that get passed around every Fashion Week? Animated GIFs (Graphics Interchange Files) are made using a special videocamera setup that translates the captured video or still frames into a moving photo. These can be downloaded from a wedding website after the wedding, and make a fun momento, similar to a flipbook. Among others, GIFFF Booth and Limelight Photo can provide these services.

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– Temporary tattoo parlor: take a peek at at their Weddings collection, or have one custom designed. You could just hand these out as favors, but wouldn't it be fun to rent a barber or dentist chair from a prop company, some mirrors and perhaps motorcycle-themed props to create a "tattoo parlor" space,  and hire burly (and/or sexy!) models to apply these to guests?


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– Performances of any kind. If you can find performers that go with your overall theme, that's the best. I loved one wedding where an opera singer came seemingly out of nowhere and serenaded the guests. Another wedding offered soul-stirring gospel choir music as guests arrived to the cocktail hour, from a choir completely decked out in purple and gold robes…it was unforgettable. Depending on your culture, theme, and venue, consider: fire dancers, cultural dancers, or even aerialists.


– Food and drink enhancements. Portland is so well known for its food-loving culture, so a Portland wedding is sure to include an espresso bar, food truck, or mobile pizza oven. Whether it's mobile food that drives up just as the dancing begins to provide late-night energy, or a s'mores bar around a campfire, there's surely a food or beverage upgrade that is perfect for you, that will have your guests reminiscing fondly about your wedding for years to come.



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