postage alert!

This just in from our dear friend Alesia Zorn, Calligrapher (who sent us this newsflash via a beautifully calligraphed envelope):

"I want to make you aware of the upcoming rate changes so you can pass along the information to your clients who are planning to mail invitations in the next few months…

In Post Office Speak, ‘nonmachinable’ envelopes are the popular square envelopes or envelopes on which the address runs parallel to the short side of the envelope instead of the long side.  The changes take effect on May 12th.  We can be prepared for some unattractive stamps for a little while after that.  Until the post office catches up with OUR demands (and it is all about us, isn’t it?) there are custom postage stamp sites such as and which can satisfy our aesthetic postal requirements."

Thanks so much Alesia, for that heads up!  Those of you about to mail invitations for the summer weddings, please take note!

2 thoughts on “postage alert!

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