postage alert!

This just in from our dear friend Alesia Zorn, Calligrapher (who sent us this newsflash via a beautifully calligraphed envelope):

"I want to make you aware of the upcoming rate changes so you can pass along the information to your clients who are planning to mail invitations in the next few months…

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that Northwest flavor…imperiled?

Every year, I have several clients who want to incorporate a "taste of the Northwest" into their Oregon or Washington wedding.  For many of them, that means wild salmon is on the menu in one form or another. Unfortunately, reports are coming in that are predicting an 80 percent drop in the number of salmon returning to spawn in area fisheries this year, and state and federal authorities are calling for a ban. On one hand, it’s too bad that this classic menu item for a Northwest wedding might literally be "off the table" this year, but on the other hand, I think it’s a good thing that we have the ability to restrict fishing when a species is endangered, even temporarily, so that it doesn’t become endangered for good. And hopefully research will be done to find out why this is happening so we can educate ourselves about what environmental changes we need to make. It can also be good for us as planners to flex our creative muscles and come up with other ways for our clients to feature the flavor of the Northwest for their guests.

(don’t) shake it like a polaroid

I guess the news is a few weeks old, but I was very sad to hear today that Polaroid, who quietly ended production of instant cameras some time back, has also ceased production of Polaroid instant film.  There were always a few weddings a year that provided a Polaroid and a few stacks of film cartridges for the guest book table, so guests could have fun while signing their name.  I’m sure that other technologies will rise to take its place, but tonight I raise a glass and toast, to the little machine that inspired so many of us.