oh, the weather!

To someone like me who grew up in hot and humid Texas, an Oregon summer wedding is magical.  Not sweating in the hot sun?  Putting on a little cashmere sweater or a pashmina when the sun goes down over the mountains?  Fabulous!  However, there is always the off chance that it can get too hot or even rainy.  Thus the need for a back up plan at all times.  I always advise my clients to put a tent “on hold” at one of the rental companies for a small fee, and then cancel closer to the event once they are sure that the weather will hold.

But how do you know about the weather?  There is an abundance of weather forecasting sites, and the one I seem to have the best luck with is AccuWeather.com .  They have a 15-day forecast through their Premium service which I subscribe to, which is very detailed.  As a wedding coordinator whose success often depends on my ability to plan for the weather, I think the subscriber fee is totally worth it.  It even provides you with an hourly percentage probability of precipitation up to 15 days out.  Take a look and let me know what you think!  Or, do you have a site that you like better?  Share it with us.