{ Discoveries } Hi-Fi Weddings, a blog about love and music


We have to give a shout-out to Hi Fi Weddings, a blog we've just discovered. I know how important music is to our clients — over half of the brides and grooms we talk to say that music and dancing are the most important part of their party.

Hi Fi Weddings celebrates the music that you choose for your wedding in great detail, from posts about real weddings and the music they used, to music-themed invitations, fun favors and gifts, and just about anything music.

The great thing too is that the blog covers far more than your typical Top 40 and mainstream wedding music choices. As a music lover who rarely finds compatriots in musical taste, nay not even of the spousal variety ("What, you don't want Morrissey's cover of Moon River for our first dance?"), I highly appreciate that Ashley, the editor, has put together several playlist suggestions for your wedding featuring everything from Otis Redding to Devendra Banhart. Play on!