{ Attire tips } Revisiting “Try It On” – When should I try on my gown?


We are knee-deep in wedding season and seeing lots of helpful tips all around to share with you!  This week, we'll be doing an { Attire Tips } series: little bits and bytes of info so you will never run into a wardrobe malfunction at the wedding!

Today I'm revisiting my earlier post encouraging you to try on your gown when you pick it up.  I'm now going to qualify that a bit and say, Try it on after your last fitting, but before it is pressed!  Once the gown is pressed, it really should be on its way to the getting ready site and not fussed with again until you're ready to wear it on the wedding day, due to the chances of it wrinkling.  All of your practice runs with headpiece, jewelry, shoes, and accessories etc. should be done during fitting sessions, but before pressing. (This might not apply to beachy or casual, destination wedding gowns that don't wrinkle easily, but I find it's true for most.)

So yes, try on your gown when you pick it up for the last time… but not after it is pressed and ready to go.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Thoughts about Tuxes.

Photo: The Bridal Loft