{Wedding Attire Tips} Can I mix ivory and white at my wedding?

Today's tip is not just an attire tip, but it also touches on overall wedding design and colors.

I get a lot of clients every year who ask me if they can wear an ivory gown but have white tablecloths, and vice versa.  Or if they can use ivory and white on the same surface, for example, white tablecloths and ivory plates.  We receive so many inquiries like this that we decided to address it here on the blog at Portland Wedding Coordinator.
Some people seem to think that there is an etiquette or protocol issue at work here, but I have done some initial research at the Peggy Post and Martha Stewart sites, and to date have not yet found anything etiquette-related, except a reminder to guests not to wear white or ivory to a wedding.
So my feeling is that it boils down to your personal style and what you feel comfortable with.

Many people worry that if they wear ivory and have white tablecloths or white chairs, that somehow their dress will look "dirty" or yellow in contrast.  I have not found this to be the case, and am sharing a few photos I have gathered from my personal files, and also courtesy of Heather Sharpe at A Sharpe Occasion , that show some examples to set your mind at ease.  Yes, there will be contrast, but my opinion is that a tone-on-tone look can be stylish and charming.  

Here's a photo of a bride in an ivory dress, amongst a cocktail hour with white tablecloths and chairs:

(Courtesy Holland Studios)
Here's what appears to be the opposite, a bride in white, groomsmen in white shirts, and ivory details at the wedding: (Photographer: Azzura Photography, photo courtesy A Sharpe Occasion)

 Finally, here's a photo of white tablecloths and ivory napkins and ivory underlays in a table setting:


Another question that comes up is if men in tuxes or dark suits should wear ivory shirts if the wedding gown is ivory. I've been told by many formalwear experts that the most sartorially correct choice with black tie is a white shirt.  I couldn't find a super formal tux picture, but here's a very happy bride in an ivory gown with a groom in dark suit and white shirt. The difference in shade is almost undiscernable. (Click for a larger image)

(courtesy Rebekah Johnson)
So, to sum it up: Go ahead and mix. You won't look dirty or yellow, you will be beautiful! Don't worry about being super match-y.

That being said, if you just don't feel comfortable mixing it up, don't do it! You should be happy and at ease on your wedding day, not stressed about your style.

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