{ The Portland Wedding Coordinator DIYs } No-Sew, Sequined Coffee Cozy

(Note from Emee: Pssst! Today's blog post was written and photographed by my awesome new collaborator and assistant, Katherine O'Brien. You'll be seeing lots more from Ms. K in the coming weeks, thanks Katherine!!)



What could be better than a cost effective, customized, and creative gift? These coffee cozies are perfect for a bridesmaid gift, thank you, or even as a favor at a bridal shower. You can also feel good about doing your part for the earth by not using the disposable cardboard version any longer. Plus who doesn't love a little sparkle in their day? Read on for the full tutorial.



Coffee Cozy Collage copy 

Picture tutorial

Here's the simple process, step-by-step…

1. Cut a length of the sequined material slightly smaller than the circumference of a paper cup from your favorite coffee shop. Make sure that the cozy will be snug after you glue the ends together. Measure this length and go ahead and cut all your strips.

2. Apply a small ribbon of hot glue all along the top of one side.

3. Press the other end into the glue, trying to keep the seam clean and unnoticeable.

4. Now cut a piece of the ribbon that you'll use to cover the glue seam. Make sure to leave enough length on each end so that they can be wrapped and glued on the inside.

5. Glue down the ribbon right along the seam making sure to cover it completely.

6. Put a small dot of hot glue at the top on the inside of the cozy.

7. Next wrap the end of the ribbon around the top and press it into the hot glue.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with the opposite end.

9. Now cut a length of the second ribbon you want on top, again making sure to have enough on the ends to wrap around the top and bottom.

10. Glue this ribbon down just like you did with the first one.

11. Make sure to clean up any strings left behind by the hot glue. (Hint: if you have a lot of these pesky strings you can quickly go over the cozy with a blow dryer and poof, they're gone!) Check out this blog by Craftaholics Anonymous for a more detailed description.

12. Slip your fancy new coffee cozy around your favorite drink and enjoy! Just don't be surprised if everyone asks you where to get one of their own.


Decorative Ribbon from Cut & Paste Paper Arts

Available on-line or at their Portland, OR location

Tips to make these cozies uniquely yours:

  • Choose coordinating ribbons that match your wedding colors or theme.
  • Accent your cozy with something small like metal scrap booking letters, fun buttons or unique charms. For example, if these are being used as a bridesmaid's gift, you could add each girls' initials and/or a charm that represents them.
  • No need to wrap these! Pick up some disposable cups from a local coffee shop and slip in a gift card to encourage everyone to use your fabulous new creation.
  • Your imagination is the limit, happy crafting!


You can order these wooden heart embellishments from Scrapbook.com


Coffee Cozy Final copy

 Finished Product

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