{The Daily Reblog} Fun Wedding Reception Ideas via Bridal Guide Magazine


Canoeing during cocktail hour at Bridal Veil Lakes. Photo by Don Frank.

Today’s reblog comes from Bridal Guide Magazine. I happened across this blog post as I was working with a couple who, when asked about any themes that appealed to them for planning their Portland wedding, simply said they wanted a fun reception!

We talked about lawn games, photobooths, and the usual suspects, but I found this article from Bridal Guide to be helpful in reminding us to dig deeper into our own experiences and favorite things to find those activities that guests are going to make the reception really fun and not stuffy or overly formal.

More ideas: wedding Mad Libs, flip books, crafting tables, board games at cocktail hour, and just generally setting up the layout of the space to include comfort both guests who want to dance and imbibe and also those who want to have cozy conversations. Also important: working out a timeline of events that minimizes guests waiting for the wedding couple to arrive; and also keeps the flow of events fun and moving along.

Here’s the link and hope you enjoy!

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas – Best Wedding Reception Tips | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine.

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