Springtime and cherry blossoms means engagement photo time!

Today's warmer weather reminds me that springtime is just around the corner. For many of you who are getting married in Portland in 2012, this means engagement photos.


Image by Paul Rich via My Portland Photographer. (actually taken in Maryland, but ah well.)

Why have an engagement photo taken? This is an exciting time, and it's fun to document the transition between singlehood and marriage. The photos have lots of uses, such as holiday cards, and save the dates. I say, err on the side of taking more pictures, at more events, than not. When you look back, you'll be glad you did.

And in the most practical sense, if you do your engagement shoot with your own wedding photographer, it gives you a chance to run through what it's like to be around that person for an extended length of time in the focus of their camera lens. If, like me, you don't have professional photos taken that often and can feel somewhat awkward about it, every chance you get to spend time with the photographer and get more comfortable in the process will help you feel more at ease when it comes time on the day of your wedding.

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