Where to put your wedding website? Which wedding websites are free?


With all the excitement and information there is to share regarding a wedding, an invitation is only the start.  Most of us want to share lodging information, photos, fun things to do, and perhaps some silly stuff as well!  Hence the popularity of the wedding website.  But with so many providers, which one to choose?

We reviewed a few sites at Portland Wedding Coordinator and found a few keepers that we hope you'll like!  Some of the things that made these stand out were: ease of use; classic, good-looking designs; reliable uptime (as far as we can tell) and that they are FREE!  Enjoy.





weddingmapper.com (Less traditional website design, more of a "map of the whole week", but cool idea!)

And of course the old standbys:


weddingchannel.com (now a division of The Knot)

In addition, many savvy brides and grooms who want more customization (and also who don't mind doing a little bit more footwork) are using the free blog services such as blogspot.com, wordpress.com, and weebly.com as wedding websites.

Do you have any free wedding websites sites that we haven't heard about yet?  Let us know in the comments!

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