Saturday Roundup: Spring-spiration!

We've now experienced some really epic spring days this year in Portland, followed by a bit of rain and even hail, to remind us how fleeting these sunny days can be. The plum and cherry trees are really blossoming though, and there is definitely a new sweetness in the air!

With that in mind, I just have a few little thoughts…

1.  If you're in the earliest planning period for 2010, why not consider a spring wedding?  Events from January through May in Oregon are often still considered "off season", and it's possible to save a lot of money.  Think about it! Sure, you may take your chances with the weather, but honestly, any time of year you need a backup.  And April, May, June are the months when you can get tulips, ranunculus and peonies…some of the most most sought-after wedding flowers.


(above photo courtesy Adelman Peony Gardens)


(above image by moonjazz on flickr)


(above image, Wooden Shoe Gardens)

2.  I dropped by a recent art opening at Alma Chocolate on NE 28th Ave, by local artist Sayuri Sasaki. Just really adoring her felted and wool animal creations (bunnies, sheep), encaustic paintings of vegetables, and tulle jellyfish! I hope you will stop by Alma in the month of April and get some springtime inspiration as well.

3.  In addition to the art, Alma rocks some delicious chocolate, including lavender caramel truffles, Oregon hazelnut bark, and a wonderland of 24kt gold-painted religious icons in chocolate. I was definitely inspired with some favor ideas that I'll be sharing with you down the road shortly…

4. Finally, there are springtime elements that could work in your wedding, no matter what time of year.  Flowering branches are usually available, or can be created by your florist with a little creative use of hot glue and your favorite blossom.

Nettleton-hollow-faux-flowering-branches (above image, Nettleton Hollow)


(above image, Rebecca Thuss)

July, August, and September are still the top wedding months in our area, but don't forget spring!

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  1. Whoa! These Paper Flower Favours absolutely look good on wedding events. These are gorgeous souvenirs for your visitors. Hey, maybe blue-colored ones are also just as adorable.

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