brides reveal their biggest wedding regrets

MeghandollphotographyInteresting article on The Knot/MSN…  Brides talk about what they would and wouldn’t have done if they could have a do-over for their wedding day.

I definitely agree with the no-DIY invitations, and (of course) the day-of-coordinator.

If I could do mine over again, I would have made sure I had champagne in my glass before the toasts started!

Anyone out there care to share some of their shoulda-wouldas?

One thought on “brides reveal their biggest wedding regrets

  1. So many of my friends and other brides I know that didn’t hire a videographer really wish they had in the end. A video is such a great way to re-live and watch your wedding day for years to come. It’s also a great gift for family members, and a way to remember people as we get older and people pass…it’s nice to hold onto them that way, to see them alive and happy. Sorry, not trying to get morbid, but it videos really do make a wonderful memory keepsake! 🙂
    So many brides focus on getting a photographer instead of a videographer…and while yes, it’s SO nice to have wedding pictures and an album, but I’ll tell you – my husband and I have watched our wedding video probably 50 times since we’ve been married…we’ve looked at our wedding album maybe 5 times?
    I just watched it the other night – my girlfriends and I all got together to watch each other’s wedding videos for fun…those that didn’t have one kept saying they wish they had.
    That’s just my piece of advice. 🙂

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