Dia de los Muertos! and Chocolate!

Have you been to Sahagun Chocolates yet?  This tiny adorable shop, run by chocolatier Elizabeth Montes,
features her own amazing creations, from pumpkin-seed-and-jalapeño "pepitapapas" to salted caramels, plus hard-to-find single-origin and artisanal bars from around the world.

And this Dia de los Muertos season, she has these groovy spooky chocolate brides and grooms!  (If you’re not familiar with Dia de los Muertos, this is the Hispanic / Latin American celebration of Halloween and All Saints Day.)

Getting married this fall or winter? Why not ask…

your wedding party to throw you a Dia de los Muertos-themed shower, as you celebrate the "death" of singlehood and the beginning of a new life together. Decorate with marigolds, sugar skulls, and any other traditional Latin American items you may have around.  Use hot colors and serve food from south of the border.  Best of all, celebrate your ancestors on both sides who surely are observing from above as this event merges your two families.  (OK, I stole this idea…from my bridesmaids, class of 2000.  Thanks, Amanda and Laura! And thank you Dave, for marrying me almost 7 years ago.)

But back to Sahagun.  They also have hot chocolate that is like drinking pure melted happiness.  Now that the weather has turned cooler, you can bet I will be by more often.  And another cool fact?  I understand that Montes is married to BBQer extraordinaire Rodney Muirhead, of Podnah’s Pit.  Wow…chocolate and brisket…now that’s a wedding I would have loved to see!

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