thoughts on service

Today, I called a florist with a last-minute request for a few more napkins and linens.  The wedding is tomorrow, it’s been a very elaborate, complex one, and as I was going over the list I realized that a few service tables might not have linens, and I didn’t want any franticness on the day of the event.

After I made my request, the florist said “OK, we’ll take care of that for you.”  Then, she added sarcastically, “The rental company is just gonna love us.”

And I thought to myself, thank goodness my client has a wedding coordinator, because she was spared that kind of attitude the day before her wedding.  In my opinion, the grating remark was unnecessary and unprofessional.  There was no need to comment on the trouble involved, since it is our job to go to a little trouble. 

The wedding industry is supposed to be about taking problems and stress away from the client, and by transference, taking them on ourselves.  That’s what we’re paid to do.  If all florists did was arrange flowers, then they’d be out of a job the minute a bride saw what was available at the farmers’ market.  If all wedding coordinators did was to make phone calls, then any bride could do it.  Our business is supposed to provide much more than that.  We are supposed to provide professional service and peace of mind.

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