Curtis and Sarah, A Portland Wedding at Mt. Tabor Park and the Ace Hotel

We recently received these lovely pictures from David Barss, one of our favorite photographers who always without fail sends us a disk and a link after the wedding (hint, hint 😉

Curtis and Sarah married at the Mt. Tabor Summit, a Portland Parks site. Often folks are wary of public parks sites and wonder if they are safe, if strangers will interrupt the wedding, if the facility will be clean. All I can tell you is about my experience as a coordinator, and that is, with good pre-planning, a public parks site can be a wonderful and affordable venue; and that members of the public in the overwhelming number of cases are respectful of a wedding.  I personally have not encountered any problems at the weddngs I have had in public parks sites such as Mt. Tabor, Council Crest Park, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, and many others.

So consider that public parks site: it may save you money which you can use at the reception!

Thanks again to David Barss Photographer for the photographs.



Mt tabor park wedding by david barss