Curtis and Sarah, A Portland Wedding at Mt. Tabor Park and the Ace Hotel

We recently received these lovely pictures from David Barss, one of our favorite photographers who always without fail sends us a disk and a link after the wedding (hint, hint 😉

Curtis and Sarah married at the Mt. Tabor Summit, a Portland Parks site. Often folks are wary of public parks sites and wonder if they are safe, if strangers will interrupt the wedding, if the facility will be clean. All I can tell you is about my experience as a coordinator, and that is, with good pre-planning, a public parks site can be a wonderful and affordable venue; and that members of the public in the overwhelming number of cases are respectful of a wedding.  I personally have not encountered any problems at the weddngs I have had in public parks sites such as Mt. Tabor, Council Crest Park, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, and many others.

So consider that public parks site: it may save you money which you can use at the reception!

Thanks again to David Barss Photographer for the photographs.



Mt tabor park wedding by david barss




Color story: Chartreuse, lime green, and apple green


One of our favorite color palettes is inspired by the brilliant 'Chartreuse, lime green, apple green' …or whatever you want to call it! This color has been on our radar for the past few summers with some of our most memorable weddings featuring chartreuse as either their main or accent color. Chartreuse was the focus of our client's vision and brought the wedding design to vibrant life, so we'd like to help you do the same!

Chartreuse is a bold color and by using this vibrant shade you're sure to leave an impression on your guests. Chartreuse can be used in a variety of ways, including bridesmaid dresses, table decor, floral arrangements or on top of your cake! Elements for those who enjoy small color splashes may include one of our favorites, colored shoes. Colored shoes are a fun way for a bride to add personality to her traditional white dress. 

Your color palette can be a combination of shades ranging from neutral to pastel. First, we recommend getting really familiar with the focal points of your wedding space, since the existing colors of your venue can greatly influence your them. Additionally, your wedding colors  create the emotional tone of your wedding. Chartreuse created a romantic, high-energy mood for our bride's weddings, all of which were memorable affairs. We hope that choosing your wedding colors is a fun experience and that chartreuse may come as an inspiration!

Rooftop weddings and wedding venues in Portland

Want an outdoor venue but don’t want to stray too far from the Portland city center? Consider a rooftop venue as your very own urban serenity. Rooftop venues serve as your private panorama to a breathtaking view of Rose City. Portland’s rooftop venues offer your guests a first hand glimpse of the visual treasures of Portland. Rooftop venues provide a modern, romantic atmosphere for your wedding and Portland’s rooftop venues are among the best! Three Portland rooftop locations include Hotel deLuxe, Embassy Suites Portland Downtown and DeSoto Rooftop Terrace.

Hotel deLuxe is known for its old Hollywood style elegance. While they have an indoor meeting facility, they also have a rooftop space available for your outdoor wedding. This venue is perfect for any glamorous bride!

Rooftop Wedding at Hotel Deluxe by Kate Kelly
Photo credit: Kate Kelly Photography

Embassy Suites Portland Downtown is located in the heart of Rose City. This historic venue is surrounded by Portland’s city lights and an excellent choice for a night time wedding.


Photo courtesy Embassy Suites Portland on Facebook

DeSoto Rooftop Terrace is an intimate venue nestled in Portland’s ambiance of the Pearl District. This modern venue has rustic elements which creates a fashionable urban style.

Rooftop Wedding at DeSoto Rooftop Terrace by Evrim Icoz Portland Photographer

Photo credit Evrim Icoz Photography

Rooftop venues are a fun and trendy place to tie the knot. However, they are much more rare than other outdoor venues, therefore be sure to book your ideal venue in advance. Additional logistics to consider; most rooftop venues need tenting and additional decor in order to create your wedding vision. In some cases, they do not have an indoor component or have very limited indoor amenities.

We like rooftop venues because they can be a “blank slate” for design, meaning that they can transform to fit your ideal wedding style. Additionally, if the rooftop belongs to a hotel, then you have the added convenience of hotel amenities. Specifically in Portland, you can enjoy city attractions, outdoor views and be within close proximity to lodging. Hotel rooftop venues are a great option if your guest list consists of a large amount of out of town guests.

Booking the perfect rooftop venue is the first step in planning your unique wedding. A rooftop wedding is a chic alternative to the ordinary outdoor wedding. Imagine yourself surrounded by the beautiful Portland skyline as you dance beneath the stars and toast among the clouds. Cheers!

– Lauren Gilbertson, edited by Emee Pumarega