what not to wear to your wedding

Index-crystal I’m a big fan of What Not to Wear on TLC.  I love the transformation the show’s guests undergo from beginning to end.  A wedding can be a lot like that, where we go from the everyday, to the once-in-a-lifetime, on every level, including the bride’s look.

So I was so excited to hear that they were doing a wedding edition of the show: how fun! to see Stacy and Clinton work their magic on a bride.

And even cooler — I’ve found that this same service (minus the embarrassment of having to be on national TV) is available right here in Portland, from Inspire Style Coaching.  Jandi and her team will come to you, take measurements and do a style interview, to help you find the exact kind of dress that will work best with your body type.  No more guesswork and relying on salespeople to figure out what is going to look great; the Inspire Style methodology is an art and a science in itself.  The stylists will even go shopping with you, directing you to the right stores and boutiques that carry the exact look you’re shooting for.

For most people, the wedding dress is a huge part of the day — and a huge part of the stress!  How cool that there is a service like Inspire Style for those of us who don’t have Stacy and Clinton!

brides reveal their biggest wedding regrets

MeghandollphotographyInteresting article on The Knot/MSN…  Brides talk about what they would and wouldn’t have done if they could have a do-over for their wedding day.

I definitely agree with the no-DIY invitations, and (of course) the day-of-coordinator.

If I could do mine over again, I would have made sure I had champagne in my glass before the toasts started!

Anyone out there care to share some of their shoulda-wouldas?