Photos from a bridal show

We didn’t have our blog back in February, when we participated in the Bravo! Wedding Affair, but now that we do, I thought I’d share a few of the photos with you:

Feb 2007 Bravo! Wedding Affair

Enjoy the photos!  This was a really fun bridal event…

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the gift table

I imagine not many wedding guests to be would read a wedding coordinator’s blog, but here goes anyway.  Confidential from all brides and grooms: they wish the gift table would go away forever.  Not the gifts themselves, mind you, but the custom of physically bringing wedding gifts to the party.

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thoughts on service

Today, I called a florist with a last-minute request for a few more napkins and linens.  The wedding is tomorrow, it’s been a very elaborate, complex one, and as I was going over the list I realized that a few service tables might not have linens, and I didn’t want any franticness on the day of the event.

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