Smile! it’s Selphy.


I'm fascinated with the new Selphy models you can find at Compact Photo Printers – Canon USA Consumer Products.  These mobile photo printers look like they'd be perfect for an event or wedding.  I wonder if these will take the place of the Polaroid instamatic camera, since film was discontinued earlier this year? Anyone have feedback on how well they work?

daily candy’s fall wedding guides are out!

I just love DailyCandy, don't you?  And they just put out their fall wedding guides for cities from San Francisco to New York, as well as the "Everywhere" guide.  Some great tips (red and white sangrias, yes!) and some, maybe not-so-good (scrapping a DJ in favor of laptop playlist, ummmm…) but taken as a whole, an entertaining read and a fun trip around the States to some great websites for your ideas.