Spotlight on The Ribbon Jar

Sometimes we at EJP find out about fabulous products through serendipitous ways.  We found out about Salem, Oregon-based The Ribbon Jar last year when owner Amber Lee asked us to coordinate her wedding.  And how glad we were to work with her.  Amber’s whimsical style and fantastic vision for her wedding were a joy to execute.  And now we know to share her wonderful online store with you!  If you are picky about your ribbon, want high quality, and a variety of colors and styles to choose from, please take a look!

Thank you again, Amber, for including us in your fun and fabulous day!Ambercake

Cake photo courtesy Eric Cable. Ribbon jar photo courtesy The Ribbon Jar.

shout out to The Bridal Loft!

As many of you know, The Bridal Loft bridal salon in NE Portland has been EJP Events’ physical home since 2002.  We love these ladies and have so much fun being their "roommates" in business.

Andrea Hoyt of August Veils, also a Bridal Loft member (or "Loftie", as we like to say) just got a fabulous write up and feature of her custom veil and headpiece design in the Oregonian’s special bridal issue

This is a great article featuring Andrea’s expertise and some beautiful styles!  Read the full article here:
"The Drama’s in the Details":  Oregonian Special Bridal Section 2008, page 10-11

personality is the anti-trend

I just got off the phone with a writer for Northwest Meetings and Events magazine.  She was interviewing me for a piece on “wedding trends” for 2008.  I had to chuckle a little bit as she asked me questions like, “I’ve heard that square and unusually-shaped cakes are a new trend, have you seen this?” (I saw my first square cake the year I started coordinating, in 1997), and “What new colors are you seeing for weddings in 2008?” (Somebody invented new colors?)


The problem with “trends” in weddings is that,

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