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WomanTree Monthly Speaker Series

WomanTree November 2003 Speaker Series


Tuesday, November 4th

6:30-7:30pm: Mindful Weddings
Knowing the history and subtext behind wedding celebration traditions can help you choose which traditions to use and which to toss out. Also, even a little bit of self-exploration will help you to create alternative rituals and rites to complement and/or replace the traditional ones. In this one-hour workshop, we will go over popular books, resources, and techniques that the progressive-minded couple can use in order to create a personal, thoughtful, and meaningful wedding celebration. Emphasis will be on ceremonies and rites, with some coverage on feasts and receptions if time permits. Emee Pumarega is a Certified Meeting Professional and the owner of EJP Events, a wedding consulting and event planning firm based in Portland, Oregon. A graduate of Yale University, she has been coordinating weddings and events since 1997, and has worked in venues all over the U.S. from
Boston to Seattle.

7:30-9pm: Celebration by Candlelight
Come for an evening of candle making with Norma Jean. Candles are a beautiful element of celebrations be it Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or personal pampering. Each womyn creates her own candle to take with her; which can be scented naturally and decorated specifically to her taste. Norma Jean is new to Portland from Minnesota where she has been creating candles since the 60's for gifts, celebrations she's catered, classes or rituals. A $5.00 donation is requested for materials but anyone can come and learn to create candles. Come, and bring a friend or family member!


Tuesday, November 11th

6:30-8pm: Celebrating First Menstruation: Changing the World One Girl at a Time
Come and join artist, priestess, and activist Ginny Artemis Moon for a circle to explore the ritual and celebrations of menarche. This informative and fun presentation is a perfect starting place for creating a menarche ritual for the young women in your life that are coming of age—or maybe to reclaim an empowering menstrual celebration for yourself. Menstrual rituals are believed to be the most ancient of human celebrations. In this circle we will uncover the history, myth, magic and taboo that surrounds
menstruation as well as the stigmas and pressures that adolescent women face as they come of age today. Many ideas and inspirations for honoring menarche will be shared and we will even hold a small menstrual celebration of our own! All ages of women are welcome, bring a notebook to write down ideas and wear red if possible!

8-9pm: Creating Shrines and Personal Altars
Learn about this ancient tradition found in many cultures of the world while assembling one for WomanTree. Altar making allows you to connect with your own soul and its deepest values without ties to any particular religion or spiritual tradition. The act of gathering elements, symbols, and items and arranging them can help you manifest your intentions, explore your dreams, or honor your roots & journey. If possible, bring with you a small object with personal meaning (such as a pebble, leaf, image, etc.) to be used in constructing an altar for WomanTree. Consuelo Tolosa, MA-ATR, facilitates altar-making at Artful Balance, “a creative Space for Self-Development, Therapy, and Art.”

Contact Information:

All events will be held at WomanTree, located at 2641
NE Alberta. Events are free to the public and tax-deductible donations are
gladly accepted.

For more information contact us at (503) 335-5800, email
at:, or browse our website at: