Mojuba Wedding Day Survival Kit – a more chic emergency kit!

We’ve been meaning to blog about these cute emergency kits from Mojuba Weddings forever…



We love the chic styles for man or woman, the reusability, and convenient travel sizes. At ~$165 the kit may feel like a splurge, but you could register for one on, or think of it as an addition to your handbag collection.

At any rate, do make sure your coordinator or helper is prepared with a stash of little things for the big day.  Some helpful lists here.

(don’t) shake it like a polaroid

I guess the news is a few weeks old, but I was very sad to hear today that Polaroid, who quietly ended production of instant cameras some time back, has also ceased production of Polaroid instant film.  There were always a few weddings a year that provided a Polaroid and a few stacks of film cartridges for the guest book table, so guests could have fun while signing their name.  I’m sure that other technologies will rise to take its place, but tonight I raise a glass and toast, to the little machine that inspired so many of us.