back in the u.s. of a.

So, it’s no news flash that the dollar is kind of tanking right now.  What does that mean for your honeymoon?  It means that a bottled water in Paris is eight dollars – ouch!  It also means that U.S. honeymoon locations are looking really good right now.

Why be a pauper in Paris when you can be stylin’ in some of these hip, hot destinations:

– Austin, TX
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we are so bummed…

…to hear that the darling Villa Roma gown store in Oahu, Hawaii is closing down, after having been in business for 41 years.  Just today we had a bride come in sporting a gorgeous, non-traditional wedding gown from Villa Roma.  Apparently the store is yet another victim of the changing economy.

But, we do know that you, the bridal public, love to go to Hawaii, and we want you to know that Villa Roma will be open until July 31 at the Ward Warehouse, Oahu location.  So if you're vacationing there, or will land in Oahu for your honeymoon in the next month, please go see Audrey and her cute little boutique before it closes!